Our contributions will transform the way the world eats by providing affordable plant based proteins that have a neutral effect on the environment and reduce the need for animals.


Provide healthy meals and feed a growing population.


Redirect 100% of the sunflower defatted seeds into food production by 2030.

Key Results

  • A successful new business is possible with the cooperation and partnership of global brands across seven key categories.

  • Food from defatted sunflower seeds is both healthy and delicious as evident by the recipes made available across seven key categories.

  • Demonstrate the financial incentives for oil companies to repurpose oilcake into the food market in every region of the globe.

  • Obtain GRAS certification for the sunflower meal as an approved ingredient for use in foods and envision a future when this could be a globally traded commodity.

  • Make sunflower meal ingredients available for purchase at a price competitive with wheat flour.

  • Demonstrate that upcycling of oil cake has nutritional benefits for people and improves the planet by reducing CO2, water and land use.

Potential partners across Value added Chain

PLANETARIANS Value Chain.png