Everybody deserves the quality nutrition. Bioinformatics allowed to identify the new sources of protein along with the traditional meat. Health benefits, concerns about the growing population and climate change set the plant-based proteins on the rapid growth. Fortification of the conventional products with protein such as bars, cookie, pasta, etc. offers a new variety of energy sources for customers. Once the customers get access to affordable protein from bread-like products - the necessity for animals products will be significantly reduced leaving them a niche place of the caviar.


Make people meals healthier and feed growing population


100% sunflower cake into food production by 2040

Key Results

  • Show examples of cooperation with global brands that a successful business is possible as measured by partnership with brands in 7 key categories

  • Show that food from defatted seeds is not only healthy, but also delicious, as measured by 7 public recipes in key categories

  • Show crush plants that repurposing oilcake to the food market is beneficial as measured by the partnership with at least one plant in every part of the world

  • Standardize and certify ingredients for b2b customers (flour / crisps) and all-purpose flour for b2c customers as measured by start of sales on the trading boards

  • Make ingredients available for same day purchase or next day delivery at the price matching all-purpose flour

  • Show nutritional benefits for people, combined with CO2, water and land use reduction benefits for the planet

Potential partners across Value added Chain

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