How PLANETARIANS becomes Whole Food 2.0

Using 100% of plants is a way to make our meals wholesome. Let's help the food industry make healthy snacks from by-products. Let’s put back the nutrients that the food industry stripped from our meals. Our microbiome can prevent food-borne diabetes, obesity and heart disease in a natural way if we supply it with what it needs.

What ingredients matter?

Scientists from UC Davis studied breast milk as being ‘the ultimate meal’ prepared by Mother Nature. They learned that the 3rd main ingredient in mother's milk is not digested by a baby. This nutrient is food for the bacteria living in our intestine (microbiome).

Human microbiome (microbiota) is a second immune system that fights against food-borne diseases. The name of the 3rd ingredient is oligosaccharides, or fiber.

Where is the most fiber: in the Peel or Pulp? 

What do we waste? 

By not eating enough fiber - we see problems like diabetes, obesity, heart disease and more arise.

Look at my 3 boys. They have less play-time outdoors than I did at their age. They sit inside most of the time and look at their smartphones. And they snack, snack all the time...

Planetarians aims to help parents quit worrying about what their kids are eating by developing high fiber products. Fiber makes us feel full and works as a built-in intake control. With high fiber you never overeat while plant protein improves your health.

We expect similar effects with other nutrients.

PLANETARIANS mission: prevent food-borne diseases by up-cycling the ingredients that food industry disregards.


2018 goal:

  • Childhood obesity prevention
  • With fiber you never overeat, protein provides energy

PLANETARIANS plan for 2018:

  • Make snacks with more protein than in a cup of milk, more fiber than in an apple 
  •  Make products available in schools, retail, online 
  •  Educate via articles, videos, reviews, events

2019 goal:

  • Expand the variety of diseases to prevent (incl. malnutrition)

PLANETARIANS plan for 2019:

  • Study other food industry by-products
  • Find ingredients with useful nutrients 
  • Make snacks / other food to prevent more food-borne diseases

2025 goal:

  • PLANETARIANS = Whole Food 2.0

PLANETARIANS plan for 2025:

  • Create community
  • License trademark and technology to other manufacturers
  • Expand the variety of products for niche markets