WHy do we do this?

We're used to doing what is best for our health. Well, protein is the most expensive and necessary nutrient for us to eat. But, the planet is tired from our constant taking from it...

Of course, we can't stop the producing food - we need to feed a continuously growing population. But we can cut the impact our food production has on the planet if we begin to use everything that is grown to its fullest potential.

Thus began our love with the Sunflower and our new friendship with the Planet.

Growing Sunflowers, we get the obvious - oil. Other nutrients we throw away or feed to the cattle. Our technology made 100% Sunflower available for human consumption.

Now you can get protein and fiber as a bonus. But how much? Well, one serving of our product has more protein than a cup of Milk and more fiber than an Apple. Pretty good, right?

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