UC Davis: Role of fiber in our health

Organic food industry advocates to eat “clean” food. You can eat any food, if you have enough fiber and be healthy. Here’s how:

1. Oligosuccarides (fiber) is the food for our microbiome.
2. Microbiome is the second immune system for food-borne diseases.
3. When you have enough fiber, you’re healthy regardless the nature of your food

Organic industry says that conventional food industry decomposed food into nutrients and reassembled it from other ingredients such as corn. May be they lowered the price of the calories and fought the hunger, but it looks like something happened with our meals, since Americans are so overweight today and face with such high rates of diseases that we never had before… 

Organic industry advises us to eat as we did before those changes. Good offer, but… can everyone afford it? Do we have enough land to feed a growing population with old technology set?

Researches at UC Davis decided to study breast milk, that mother nature prepared for us as the ultimate meal. 

And they found that one of the main ingredients in a mother's milk cannot be digested by a baby… Why?

Why mother nature left in such a precious condensed meal such a useless nutrient?! 

Researchers found that this nutrient (oligosaccharides, in simple words - fiber) is consumed by a bacteria living in our intestine (microbiome) which regulates our metabolism.

Their colleagues from Stanford proved that microbiome acts like a second immune system for food borne diseases. Other words, if we feed our bugs, they protect us. 

Average fiber consumption in US fell down to mere 15g, while FDA recommends at least 28g.

Watch the video, check the list of references below and get your fiber.

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