By using 100% of plants, PLANETARIANS are making meals wholesome, feeding a growing population and all around planet friendly.

Valorize your by-products


PLANETARIANS’ patent-pending process turns byproducts into premium ingredients at competitive prices, creating opportunity across the supply chain. It’s a new type of system where everybody wins. Vegetable, fruit, and seed processors can earn over 5x more by using our technology to create upcycled ingredients instead of selling byproducts as cattle feed.


How it works

The patent-pending technology can process “dirty” by-products and reduce processing costs down to $106 per mton with $2.5M CapEx. PLANETARIANS technical platform was tested on by-products of oilseeds, distiller's dried grains and vegetable pomace at the University of Minnesota. The resulting product was certified for nutritional content by Medallion Labs. Scalability tests resulted in investment from manufacturing partner Cereal Docks (EU).


Demand is growing

Health is the leading driver for consumers. As a result, $120B functional flour market grows at 6.7% CAGR, faster than 4% growth on $200B flour market.

Plant-based proteins are perceived as the healthiest ingredients (you may see your own eyes the growing demand for plant-based meat analogs).

With the growing demand for plant-based proteins there is a lesser need to use animals to make the protein. Upcycling by-products for direct human consumption could be treated as the risk mitigation strategy, combined with a step forward to the fast-growing market.