Aleh Manchuliantsau and Anastasia Tkacheva, Planetarians Team
The two of us have known each other for eight years. Over the past four years, we’ve worked to make nutritionally complete meals, and have sold over one million units!     

Aleh Manchuliantsau, founder, CEO, THE PLANETARIAN

As a serial entrepreneur and inventor, Aleh has founded multiple successful business ventures over the past 18 years and developed proficient skills in nutrition, open innovation and startup management. He is responsible for technology, marketing, and business development.                 

In 2014 he launched 100%FOOD as an innovative source of nutritionally complete ready-to-drink meals that save consumers time and money. With the understanding that snacking habits are evolving, Aleh tapped into a market influenced by the millennial shift of focus towards more mindful and healthier eating.

In 2017 Aleh pivoted 100%FOOD into PLANETARIANS – high fiber protein food from previously unused sunflower ingredients. Focusing on healthy snacks as the MVP for Planetarians, he sees that food recycling unlocks access to affordable healthy meals for growing population.

Prior to 100%FOOD, Aleh worked in below the line (BTL) advertising where he launched a group of companies that generated $6 million in revenue. His expertise in venture development propelled him towards scalable technology where he invested in several IT, solar, and biotech projects.

Anastasia Tkacheva - Chief Mixologist, THE PLANETARIAN

Anastasia Tkacheva is a longtime expert in food technology, with a degree from Moscow State University. As chief mixologist, Anastasia is responsible for recipes development, manufacturing, and sourcing.                      

Anastasia Tkacheva was the chief mixologist for 100%FOOD, now Planetarians. She was responsible for the bold and delicious flavors of the 100%FOOD product line. Anastasia was challenged with the task of creating products that support a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing flavor or nutritional value. Anastasia had a hand in creating 100%FOODʼs flagship product - Raw and Choco meal replacement beverages - as well as the companyʼs newest snack line, PLANETARIANS.

Prior to 100%FOOD, Anastasia spent four years managing and overseeing crowdfunding companies and projects but left to pursue her passion of conceiving, creating and bringing delicious and nutritious foods to market.  

* * *                

We both love travel and have crossed the United States coast to coast four times.