What does Sunflower seeds nutrition hide for growing population? Why should we praise Sunflower seed meal? How it’s happened that we feed Sunflower meal protein to cows to get less protein from beef?


Are Sunflower seeds a good source of protein?

From 30 to 40% of the food wasted by consumers. But do you know, that even before you start thinking of wasting food, the manufacturer already dumped more than half of it? For example, when the oil pressed out from Sunflower seeds, the Sunflower meal (solid part of the seeds) wasted or fed to cows, still having more protein than beef. Isn't it ridiculous?

Image credit:  Kenosha County

Image credit: Kenosha County

Sunflower seed meal, what is it?

Sunflower meal is a by-product of the oil refinery. Oil is the majority value of the seed, and the meal is considered a by-product. Sunflower meal used as a livestock feed, primarily for ruminants.


Sunflower Meal contains high-quality protein with all essential amino acids.

Table: Sunflower meal protein compared to chicken breast and ground beef

Source:  Oil Crop Meals in Beef Cattle Diets , National, Sunflower Association,  USDA Nutritional Database  

Source: Oil Crop Meals in Beef Cattle Diets, National, Sunflower Association, USDA Nutritional Database 

If we start making Sunflower chips straight from Sunflower meal we’ll get 3x more protein, 2x more fiber and 3x less fat per serving than typical potato chips.

PLANETARIANS started to process Sunflower meal straight into healthy, tasty and nutritious chips for people. 


Sunflower chips contain a comparable amount of protein as animal products: 20% protein when ground beef has only 17%, chicken nuggets 14%. 

Sunflower seeds benefits for weight loss

Free from cholesterol plant protein reduces the risk of the cardiovascular disease. High fiber is very filling. Good food for microbiome. Reduces risk of obesity and diet-related diseases. Baked, never fried - less risk of cancer. 


Finally, chips are not worse than a proper meal. You can eat it all day long.

About author:

Aleh Manchuliantsau is a food developer at PLANETARIANS. Previously created and sold over 1 million bottles of nutritionally complete meals. Right now Aleh is working on up-cycling the food waste into tasty and healthy snacks. His goal? To feed a growing population without a need to grow more crops.