PLANETARIANS plans to launch a contest for the best recipe from upcycled ingredients: every chef can get a free sample of upcycled ingredients, make a new product, and start a new business with the help of our partners.

About PLANETARIANS Ingredients:

PLANETARIANS upcycled ingredients are made from byproducts of the food production process. An especially common by-product is defatted seed – the dry matter that’s left after extracting oil from seeds. On average, 40% of the seed turns into the defatted seed. Defatted sunflower seeds are often fed to cattle but they have more protein (35%) by weight than we get back from beef (26%). To utilize this protein for human consumption, PLANETARIANS developed a technology that upcycles defatted seeds (among other food waste) into nutritious ingredients with 35% protein and 18% fiber. Replacing 30% all-purpose flour with PLANETARIANS ingredients turns baked goods into a good source of protein and fiber, while keeping costs the same.

PLANETARIANS ingredients are available in two forms: a nutritious substitute for all-purpose flour and crisps. PLANETARIANS’ team has successfully tested these ingredients for snacks, pasta/noodles, baked goods and meat applications and sees potential for their use in flexitarian meals, breakfast products, dips and purees.

What Are We Looking For?

We want you to take PLANETARIANS ingredients to the next level by creating a recipe that will meet the growing demand for healthy and sustainable food. We’re looking for the best recipes using our upcycled ingredients. The growing health food market, along with concerns about climate change and growing population are significant drivers of demand for plant-based proteins.

Who can Apply?

PLANETARIANS contest is open to anyone who is interested in cooking and trying the new ingredients, from professional chefs to those who cook as a hobby; from startups to the big companies or research institutes that are looking for solutions that can help feed the planet. There is no limitation in age or profile, if you are interested enough to try the ingredient and make the video you are eligible to apply.

How to apply

- Fill out the application form

For the first round of the contest, simply fill out the application form. Our committee will review applications and the selected candidate will be informed by email within a month from the submission of their application.

- Make your video

Selected candidates will receive instructions via email on how to get their free sample of PLANETARIANS ingredients, along with suggestions for the best ways to implement them into recipes.

After receiving the free sample of PLANETARIANS ingredients, candidates are required to follow these steps:

1- Use the ingredients to create an original recipe or product.

2- Make a short video of the cooking process, product review and share it in a social media post specifying that you’re participating in the PLANETARIANS Upcycled Cook-off. Be sure to tag PLANETARIANS and include the hashtag #UPCYCLEDFOOD.

3- Fill the second application form (you will find the link in the notification email) and include a link to the social media post(s).

When to Apply

The application form will open on May 8, 2019 and remain open until April 2020. Please note that this is the final deadline and includes the second round of the contest.

Prize and Announcement

Winners will have the opportunity to partake in a variety of experiences to turn their recipe into a business, such as a cooking lesson, an acceleration program and a trial at an innovation center. More details about the prizes will be announced throughout the course of the contest. For updates check PLANETARIANS’ website.

The final winner will be announced in May 2020, during the sixth edition of Seeds&Chips – The Global Food Innovation Summit in Milan.