High Fiber

Plant Protein Chips


12 g PROTEIN per serving: more protein (28.7%) than in meat (26%)

11 g FIBER per serving: 10x more than in apple

Cups That Don’t Break During Shipping.


Why Chips May Be Better Than Vitamins?

Bruce German, UC Davis: Fiber in our Microbiome

Food industry being good at chemistry decomposed food into nutrients and reassembled it from cheaper ingredients.

But do you know that the 3rd main ingredient in a mother's milk cannot be digested by a baby? This nutrient (oligosaccharides, in simple words - fiber) is the food for bacteria living in our intestine which regulates our metabolism.

When the food industry disregards ingredients, which do not directly contribute to our nutrition, they throw away fiber… 

When you have high fiber chips you make your meals biologically complete again.

Planet Friendly Healthy Food


Animal agriculture requires more land and produces gasses that heat the planet. Getting your protein from a plant you save the planet.

Focusing on snacks as MVP - we see that our products unlock access to affordable healthy meals for growing population. 

Our next target - nutritionally and biologically complete meals at the price of food stamps.

(shipping from Aug-2017)

(shipping expected by the end 2017)


Sunflower meal, Potato Starch, Sunflower Oil, Natural seasoning. Less than 2%: Salt, Rosemary extract.

All Natural. NON-GMO. Vegan.

Allergen Free. Gluten Free. Soy Free.

No artificial colors, flavors or ingredients.

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What our customers are saying

Great Product ★★★★★

I have tried this products from the "owner's hands" and love it. My favorite flavor is soy cream and onion. Taste is great and this product is very fulfilling. My son who is 13 also loved it (barbecue flavor was his favorite) and he is not easy to please. When the product is available I would gladly give him Planetarians as a snack.

Finally protein chips without Whey

I try to eat healthy, and always choose foods such as baked chips, puffed rice cakes, and other high fiber/protein snacks. Offered a sample, I thought that I'd give these chips a try.
A cup makes a good snack with plenty of chips. Filling. They are crunchy, yet have a fluffy consistency similar to rice cakes.
Regarding taste: I was prepared for whey or similar aftertaste …and was disappointed. No whey. Instead, these chips have their own Sunflower after taste. New flavor for me. Tried all the 6 flavors (Salted, BBQ, Nacho, Ranch, Chili Lime, Sour Cream and Onion) I liked Nacho.

Perfect On-the-Go Snack

It is a healthy and quick snack that allows someone on-the-go to still get all the energy they need! I genuinely feel that it is both economically and environmentally friendly, which is a major concern of mine and part of the reason that I will continue to purchase these awesome snacks. Super convenient for me to take to work or school. I really cannot explain enough how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product.