At PLANETARIANS, we are on a relentless mission to make healthy ingredients affordable via sustainable manufacturing. Our goal is to redirect 100% of the sunflower defatted seeds into direct human consumption by 2030.

Our roadmap has the following key results:

  • Show via cooperation with global brands that sustainable manufacturing is a successful business as measured by the partnership with brands in 7 key categories

  • Show that food from upcycled ingredients is not only healthy, but also delicious, as measured by 10 public recipes in key categories

  • Demonstrate the financial incentives for vegetable oil companies to repurpose defatted seeds into the food market in every region of the globe, as measured by the partnership with at least one plant in every part of the world

  • Standardize and certify ingredients for b2b customers and all-purpose flour for b2c customers as measured by the start of sales on the trading boards

  • Make ingredients available for same day purchase or next day delivery at the price matching all-purpose flour

  • Demonstrate that upcycling of oil cake has nutritional benefits for people and improves the planet by reducing CO2, water and land use.

  • We have the technology to do it, but we can’t do it alone. To bring upcycled ingredients to consumers around the world, we’ll need the help of processors, brands, and entrepreneurs.