By using 100% of plants, PLANETARIANS are making meals wholesome, feeding a growing population and all around planet friendly.

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PLANETARIANS Plans to Feed 1.5B Extra People Without the Need to Grow More Crops
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Founders have the 8-year history of the mutual collaboration.  Last four years founders worked over nutritionally complete meals (100%FOOD, over 1 million bottles sold, $4.5M in total revenue). 


Current efficiency in animal agriculture varies between 3% (beef) to 17% (dairy). Much of what we feed to animals is high-quality nutrients that can be eaten by humans instead.

PLANETARIANS technology can make tasty snacks from discarded parts of plants (Orange Peels, Coffee grounds, Sunflower Oilcake, etc.) with 98% efficiency.

By using 100% plants, you can feed another America!


PLANETARIANS technology works with ingredients as they are (no prior sterilization needed). 

PLANETARIANS technology uses a thermo-mechanical energy to cook meals at high temperature and high pressure over a short term. It combines best features from Ultra-high temperature (UHT) and High pressure processing (HPP) in one step.

Short term cooking does not affect nutrients and is energy efficient.


PLANETARIANS chips are higher in protein (21%) than ground beef (17%)

PLANETARIANS chips are higher in fiber (5%) than an apple (2%)

PLANETARIANS chips have 300% more Protein, 200%  more Fiber and 70% less Fat per serving than typical potato chips.

All natural. Minimally processed. Gluten-free, Non-GMO, Vegan, and Allergy-free. 


PLANETARIANS made from Sunflower Meal, what’s left after oil extraction from seeds.

Sunflower Meal contains 35% high-quality protein with all essential amino acids. 

Sunflower was never genetically modified (NON-GMO) and is Gluten Free. 


Generation X overtaking baby-boomers on obesity

Fiber is the food for microbiome, our second immune system against food-borne diseases (obesity, diabetes type II, cardiovascular)

High in protein sunflower chips is a perfect tool to replace animal protein with plant-based


PLANETARIANS is developing high protein snacks for growing population from by-products of the food industry, without the need to grow more crops.

The company offers its products online, as well as through email orders for wholesalers at 

Manufacturing process tested at the University of Minnesota. Nutritional facts certified by General Mills.

The company was accelerated and invested by Techstars. Notable investors: Brad Feld, Lisa Gansky, David Larrabee.


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