The food industry decomposed food into nutrients and reassembled it from other ingredients such as corn. We got cheap calories and fought the hunger. Hooray!

But do you know that one of the main ingredients in a mother's milk cannot be digested by a baby? We are talking about oligosaccharides (in simple words - fiber). Researchers from UC Davis found that this nutrient is consumed by a bacteria living in our intestine which regulates our metabolism.

When the food industry disregards those ingredients - those which do not directly affect a number of calories in the food - they throw with fiber big chunk of your health…


Should You Overpay for Healthy Food?

Someone may say - eat Organic meals, not touched by the food industry. But we cannot feed everyone with Organic food - there is not enough land for that. The price of this way will be always too high. The solution might be easier - get enough fiber and make your meals biologically complete again.


Why Chips Might Be Better Than Apples?

The questions is how to get your fiber properly?

FDA recommends eating at least 28g fiber a day. And you might hear a suggestion to eat a rainbow of fruits every day. But did you ever ask yourself why fruits have no nutrition facts labels? Isn’t it because they’re so low in fiber? 


I checked USDA database for nutrition facts and look what I found:

- 100g apples contain 2.4g fiber
- 100g broccoli contain 2.6g fiber
- 100g banana contain 2.6g fiber
- 100g strawberry contain 2g fiber
- 100g kale contain 2.6g fiber

Can you eat 10 apples to meet the minimal threshold of fiber consumption? 

Maybe 2 pounds of Broccoli?


We need more effective ways to get our fiber

For instance like PLANETARIANS Sunflower chips with 11g fiber per serving. 

Then we can make our meals complete and prevent diet-related diseases such as type II diabetes, heart disease, obesity…
Feel that we found a right way?

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