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Agriculture occupies 1/3 of the Earth land, the population is growing, where will we get enough food?...

Luckily, we have a reserve: 1/3 of the food is wasted. Why not recycle the food, like we do with plastic cans?! Let's give a second life to many nutritious ingredients, that we previously wasted.

  • It could be the potato peels or eggshell at home
  • Coffee dump, orange peels or juice pulp at your local cafe
  • Piles of bran or grains wasted at your refinery or brewery daily…

Extrusion and steam explosion technology that we may use - kill all possible contamination with heat and pressure, and make available for human consumption many nutrients such as protein and vitamins at the fraction of the cost.

No wonder, that the first product we made - #SnacksAgainstObesity - had the highest fiber and protein content among all chips present on the market and was sold-out on Amazon.

#OrganicVitamins are on the way in the form of Chips, Bars, Pasta, Puree, Spreads, Sauces, Jam…

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