By using 100% of plants, PLANETARIANS are making meals wholesome, feeding a growing population and all around planet friendly.

How Sunflower chips are made

Making chips from up-cycled Sunflower oilcake PLANETARIANS shows that  repurposing of oilcakes (dry matter left after oil extraction from seeds) from an animal into the human food can feed 1.5B extra people without growing extra crops.


Sunflower chips ingredients

Disregarded parts of plants may contain as much protein as beef or chicken breast. The Oil crop meal is the by-product of the oil extraction process. Oil is the majority value of the seed, and the meal is considered a by-product. Meal used as a livestock feed, primarily for ruminants.

 Source:  Oil Crop Meals in Beef Cattle Diets , National, Sunflower Association,  USDA Nutritional Database  Source:  USDA Nutrient Database , PLANETARIANS

Source: Oil Crop Meals in Beef Cattle Diets, National, Sunflower Association, USDA Nutritional Database Source: USDA Nutrient Database, PLANETARIANS


Sunflower chips processing

PLANETARIANS chips are the first food product made from Sunflower meal as the primary ingredient. Sunflower Meal contains 35% high-quality protein with all essential amino acids. Sunflower was never genetically modified (NON-GMO) and is Gluten Free. 

How we make Sunflower Chips from Sunflower Meal.png


By using more nutritious ingredients - you may get more nutritious products. PLANETARIANS snacks have 3x more Protein, 2x more Fiber and 3x less Fat per serving than typical potato chips.

 Source:  USDA Nutrient Database , PLANETARIANS

Source: USDA Nutrient Database, PLANETARIANS


PLANETARIANS technology: cooking and sterilizing in one step

Working with disregarded ingredients, you need to double check that any possible contamination eliminated. PLANETARIANS technology fits this task very well. 

PLANETARIANS technology uses a thermo-mechanical energy to cook meals at high temperature and high pressure over a short term. It combines best features from Ultra-high temperature (UHT) and High pressure processing (HPP) in one step.

Extruder how it works.png

By the time the screw reaches the die at the end of the barrel the product mixture is very hot (well over 100°C) and under high pressure. When the product is extruded through the die at the end of the barrel, this pressure is released, and overheated water boils off very rapidly –  puffing and drying at the same time.

After extrusion all you have to do is to sprinkle some oil, apply seasoning and package into individual bags.

Using this approach you can make healthy snacks from Coffee Grounds, Orange Peels, Fruit and Nut Pulp… Interested?- Join our community on Reddit.