Put back what food industry wasted!

Food industry decomposed food into nutrients and reassembled it from other ingredients. We got cheap calories and fought the hunger. Hooray!

But do you know that one of the main ingredients in a mother's milk cannot be digested by a baby? We are talking about oligosaccharides (in simple words - fiber). This nutrient is consumed by a bacteria living in our intestine which regulates our metabolism. When the food industry disregards those ingredients, which do not directly affect amount of calories in the food, they throw away valuable ingredients, necessary for healthy nutrition. 

That’s why we have so many obese people, although most of them undernourished. 

We cannot revert back all these advances and feed everyone with Organic food - there is no land for that. As well we cannot expose ourselves to the risk of GMO products without testing on multiple generations. But we can put what industry wasted back and make our meals biologically complete again.

That’s why we made High Protein High Fiber Snack from the ingredients that food industry discards as new vitamins.

Focusing on high protein snacks as MVP - we see that PLANETARIANS approach unlocks access for affordable protein and biologically complete meals for growing population.

Looking at the health effects for 44 million people living on food stamps we see the $1.4 trillion savings in healthcare due to prevention of the diet-related diseases.

We feel we're the bridge between today and future, join.

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High Protein


High Fiber Snack

First food product made from Sunflower meal as the primary ingredient:

More protein (28.7%) than meat (26%)

10x more dietary fiber than apple