Why 68.8% of Americans are overweight?
Why 50% of adults living in the U.S. have diabetes or pre-diabetes?
Why 90 million Americans carry a diagnosis of Cardiovascular disease?
— Aleh & Anastasia, founders of PLANETARIANS

Food industry decomposed food into nutrients and reassembled it from other ingredients such as corn. We got cheap calories and fought the hunger. Hooray!

When the food industry disregards ingredients, which do not directly affect the amount of calories in the food, they throw away valuable ingredients, necessary for healthy nutrition. 

Stop it!

While organic food manufacturers try to revert these advances, we focus on food waste. Such approach has several advantages:

  • We put back what’s already grown (no pressure on the land),
  • Products have near to zero cost and we pass these savings to everyone,
  • Putting back what’s wasted we make our meals complete (no supplements needed).

As a feasibility test, we made high fiber high protein snacks at the price of regular chips (first run is sold-out). We’re ready to release nutritionally and biologically complete meals at the price of food stamps ($3-4 for 2000 cal) this August. And have a potential to reduce it down to $1 for schools by 2019. But we need funds for that.

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