DIY Extruder


Multifunction Puffing Food Extruder assembly:
Power:4-5.5kw Motor or 6HP Diesel
Motor Rotate Speed Required:1400r/m
Machine Rotate Speed:440-500r/m
Motor Wheel Diameter:90-100mm
Capacity:about 20kg/h
Raw Material:Wheat Flour, Rice and Corn + inclusions of any peel
7 Molds:1Hopper, 2Pairs Screw, 2Gears, 1Wheel, 1Cutter


Our plan is to play with different ingredients and evaluate the possibility of miniaturization.

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Operation Method (from supplier, sorry for the caps)

1. Tighten The Nut Of The Head Nut And The Pulley.

2. Boot Should Be a Small Amount Of Normal Idling, Slowly Add Wet Rice (In Half Meters In Adding a Small Amount Of Water, Just To Mix The Wet Rice To Prevail), Normal Extrusion, Continuous Immediately Add a Small Amount Of Dry Rice, Due To Low Temperature, Heavy Load, Start Processing, Diesel Engine Throttle Must a Larger, Slower To Be Expanded And Rice, Fruit Out After Molding, Gradually Accelerate The Amount Of Rice, Rice To Draw The Principle Of Power.

If There Is a Place To Find The Entrance To The Top Of The Rice, It Is Because The Machine Has Not Yet Started To Rise To Normal Temperature, Put Too Much Rice, Too Late To Export Material, Causing The Rice Back. At This Time To Stop The Meter, To Be Turned Over The Rice And Then Put On, Must Be Continuous Processing, 5 Minutes Later, The Temperature Increased.

3. Processing, Such As Found At The Inlet Of Rice Or Expanded Material Into The Group Go Back And Take a Lump, Steam Coke Smoke, That Is Because Rice Is Too Small, The Sharp Rise In Temperature Caused By The Material Removed, Go Back With a Small Stick, And Accelerate The Quantity Of Rice, Such As Blocking Serious, Unable To Feed Can Be Shutdown, Re Removed, Cleaned And Then Reboot.

4. After The End Of Processing, Make The Machine Idle 15-30 Seconds, Stay Inside The Residual Material Meters Burn Yellow, And Then Close The Power, Remove The Head Nut, Screw, Screw Sleeve And Eight Hole Core, Clear Meters To Clean, To Prepare For The Next Boot.

5. Extruded Fruit Out Of The Rigid Simply, Is The Kind Of Rice And Wet Relationship, Should Control The Small Point Into The Rice Or Replace The Dry Rice, Or Replace The Screw Sleeve.

6. Note: Large Sets Of Nuts And Nuts Inside The Head Of The Plane (Put Into The Machine) Is Fitted, The Two Plane Must Not Be a Good Knock On The Ground, In Case Of Accidentally Knocked a Small Pit. Take a File To Raised Local File, You Must Keep It Flat, Otherwise, The Two Plane Will Post Injustice, Will Go To The Big Gap Rice Noodles Two Plane In The Middle Of The Drill, Drilling Head Screw Nut And Cylinder Caused By Predecessor Difficult Disassembly, Thread Damage.

7. Processing Peanut Shape, Plum Shaped, Biscuit Shaped Expansion Fruit, To Use Automatic Grain Cutting Device. Before Starting The First Check The Knife Head Nut In Front Of The Plane Just Gently Rotating Position To Stick To The Core Head Technetium In The Nut, Or From The Core Of The Plane 0.1 Mm, Do Not Be Tight Stick In The Core Of The Plane, So As To Avoid Friction Caused By Too Much Damage To The Knife, Knife; Nut Should Be Tightened, Start After Processing, The Other Hand Things Can Not Close The Knife.

8. The Processing Of Hollow Rod, Careful Real Bar, Do Not Need An Automatic Device, Then You Need To Remove Or Remove The Belt Pulley Next To The Big Gear.

9 Processing Of Hollow Rod Shape, Eight Hole On The Head Inside The Nut Core Processing Fine Solid Core Bar And Put a Hole In The Core Of Peanut Shaped Head Nut Processing, Plum Shaped Four Hole Core In Head Nut Processing, Biscuit Shape, Put a Shaped Core Core In The Head Inside The Nut To Knock The Bottom, Otherwise In The End, Do Not Knock, Core Plane And Screw Surface Collide, Causing The Machine Can Not Move, a Boot, Screw And Core Would Bite Damage, In The Processing Of Twist, The Large Gear Removed, Replaced With An Eccentric Wheel, a Swing Frame Axis, Eccentric Wheel Into The Tin Hole, Screw Nut The Head Is Placed In The Hole, The Nut Core Or The Seven Core Axis, Placed In Front Of The Resistance Ring, Screw Nut, And Then Hand Rotating Pulley, Correction In Front Of The Resistance Ring, Drag Ring Swing Position With Three Core As The Center, Correction After Tightening The Small Nut Around, The Resistance Ring In Front Of The Chrysanthemum Petals Pinch Round With The Hand, Pinch To About 2.5cm Diameter.

Due To Low Temperature, The Three Can Not Be Expanded Out Of The Twisted Together But Straight Out And a Half Minutes After The Fruit Began To Heat Up, Expanded Gradually Twisted Together, Gradually Accelerate The Quantity Of Rice, Such As Puffed Fruit Is Not Twisted Together By Hand To Pinch Down The Resistance Ring, Or By Hand To The Expanded If The Direction a Little Resistance, Resistance Can Not Be Too Large, Otherwise It Will Plug Into The Power Meter, The Principle Of Dynamic Drag