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Lifestyles have changed, but food has not.

#SnacksAgainstObesity, we help you adapt your food to the modern pace without any diet.

#SnacksAgainstObesity is the community of visionary people, avid bloggers, nutritionists, developers, manufacturers and distributors, all around the world. Join today!

How We Interact


Visionaries - be Opinion Leaders!

Test fiber benefits on yourself! Show healthy patterns to follow

Request a Sample! Review the products and make suggestions

Share Articles! Educate how fiber and plant protein help to fight obesity


Customers - get products near you!

Pre-Order New Versions

Preordering you help our developers to understand what you love and focus their activity to make it even better.

Check what's on a draft today.

Bring to Your Local Store:

Print this leaflet, show to manager of your local store, ask to carry on a regular basis. Shed some tears or use angry voice if needed

Bring to Your School

Harvard School of Public Health study discovered that about 60% of vegetables and roughly 40% of fresh fruit at schools are thrown away. What if we place chips next to fruits? File the application with the address of your school and we send them samples.


Politicians - Fight Obesity with Real Tools

Get FREE Samples. Bring High Fiber Snacks into your local. 

Get Donations for your communities! When customers choose GET ONE, GIVE ONE option - we donate free snacks to people in in need. 

Chefs & Nutritionists - ..

Example of the recipe...

Make Wiki of Ingredients

Since high pressure and heat kills all the possible contamination we can use a wide range of ingredients. Let's go beyond oilcakes, let's think of the peels, near expiration date products and other potential sources of almost free ingredients.

Develop recipes

Collect Pre-Orders

License your recipes


For Engineers and Developers:


High pressure and heat kills all pathogens and possible contamination:


Map of Free Ingredients

Based on the location of the oil extraction plants, mills and otherwe can predict the location and the volume of by-products.

Lets create a map and make this information available for entrepreneurs.

Kitchen-size Mini Extruder

We can list, review and rate existing extruders in the industry. Based on the top performers design we can upgrade the kitchen grinder or the make a specification for the new.

Investors - ...

Donate Challenge Prizes. Expand Universe.


Invest in Manufacturers. Get return on Capital. Send us a note, let's talk.


For Manufacturers

Get FREE Business plan. License technology and recipes. 

Get pre-orders from local folks, grocery stores, schools using our system.

Crowdfund your manufacturing facility or get financial help from our investors.

Channels - get more healthy foot traffic

Increase foot traffic into your stores

Steel customers from fast food.


Bring healthy product line to your assortment

Bring to your office?!


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