High Fiber Protein Chips That Make You Look Real

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crunchy and packaged in cups that don’t break during shipping.


What our customers are saying

I have tried this products from the "owner's hands" and love it. My favorite flavor is soy cream and onion. Taste is great and this product is very fulfilling. My son who is 13 also loved it (barbecue flavor was his favorite) and he is not easy to please. When the product is available I would gladly give him Planetarians as a snack.

It is a healthy and quick snack that allows someone on-the-go to still get all the energy they need! I genuinely feel that it is both economically and environmentally friendly, which is a major concern of mine and part of the reason that I will continue to purchase these awesome snacks. Super convenient for me to take to work or school. I really cannot explain enough how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product.

The chili lime flavor is great and I think it would make an awesome snack on the go! In addition to being a nice balanced snack with plenty of fiber and protein, I love that it utilizes a material that would otherwise go to waste.