Why does Barilla's venture arm Blu1877 support the “Upcycled Cook-Off” contest?

We're just one month into the Upcycled Cook-off, our contest for the best recipes using upcycled ingredients, and we've got some exciting partners on board to help the winners take their solutions to the market! Barilla Group invests in over 3,000 companies involved in sustainable agriculture projects. Since 2010, it has reduced greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption per tonne of finished product by 30% and 21% respectively. We met with Claudia Berti, Head of Global Innovation Platforms at Barilla Group, to discuss why the Italian company venture arm Blu1877 is supporting the contest.

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What made you partner with the Upcycled Cook-off?

Upcycling is a responsibility for food industry and a great opportunity to innovate in a sustainable way that is both good for our health and for the planet.

Why do you think others should join it and who do you think should get involved?

Each creative innovator who wants to challenge himself/herself in bringing a new life out of by-products should participate. Consumers should take part in this revolution and understand how much value they could get from changing their habits and contributing to a more sustainable food chain.

Why are upcycled ingredients important?

They promote environmental sustainability harnessing the value of by-products in new products without compromising taste and nutrition.

In your experience, what is needed in the market today?

Consumer awareness that their choices count!

What are corporate ventures such as yours looking for in a startup?

Bold vision, determination to succeed and being a good example for others.

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Join the Upcycled Cook-Off today!

Aleh Manchuliantsau