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"Upcycled Cook-Off" contest for the best recipe from upcycled ingredients powered by Seeds&Chips officially launched at The Global Food Innovation Summit in Milano. Winners will be chosen by a jury at SEEDS&CHIPS 2020.

A growing population creates a gap between food demand and food supply.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service (USDA ERS) since 2010 Total Factor Productivity growth globally has been rising by an average annual rate of only 1.51 percent, while we need 1.75%

Source:  Global Agricultural Sustainability Report , Global Harvest Initiative 2018

Source: Global Agricultural Sustainability Report, Global Harvest Initiative 2018

"The challenges of agriculture, food and health require the brightest young minds around the world. Highly recommend joining"- Bruce J. German, professor at UC Davis

In the meantime 90% of the nutrients we feed to animals are lost for humans - isn’t it a great opportunity?

Let's look at the example of defatted seeds (the dry matter left after the oil is extracted from the seeds) that are fed as concentrates to animals today.

From the initial 100% of the calories in the defatted seeds, humans get only 17% of that number of calories if we feed defatted seeds to poultry and then consume poultry. We get 9% of that total if we feed defatted seeds to pigs and then consume pork, and 3% (3!) of that total when we feed defatted seeds to cows, and then consume the beef.

Given the current prices and the annual volume of defatted seeds - we may save up to $77 billion every year.

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“I believe circular economy (or upcycled ingredients) has great transformational power and can turn waste in a source of wealth and health.”- Eugenio Perrier, Global Chief Marketing Officer (Sabra, Barilla)

What do we feed to animals?

You will be surprised that many by-products we feed to animals contain more protein than we get back from beef. For instance, defatted seeds of oily crops contain 30-40% protein, sugar by-products 7-15%, distillers dried grains from spirits and ethanol 30%, beers spent grains 20% protein, even wheat bran and potato peels have 16% protein!

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"The main value of upcycled ingredients to me rests in the high protein source from no animal origin."- Pietro De Nardis, Entrepreneur & Angel Investor

Why do we do this?

We've been feeding defatted seeds, etc. to animals and then consuming the animal protein because of consumer demand and taste. But now we see more and more consumers are demanding plant-based diets...

The plant-based food sector grew 20% in retail sales in 2018, as compared to 2% growth for all foods in the U.S. Demand for plant-based proteins created an opportunity to upcycle by-products from the animal for human consumption.

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“Cereal Docks Group is working on new solutions to produce proteins in a way which is affordable, healthy and sustainable for the planet. For that reason, we look closely at excellent approaches like Planetarians, in order to respond to global scenarios and environmental challenges.”- Giacomo Fanin, Cereal Docks

PLANETARIANS developed a patent-pending technology that upcycles defatted seeds into 50% protein concentrate and 35% protein flour. This is more than we get from beef (26%) and 3-5 times more than in wheat flour (10%).

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"SOSV is always excited to invest in innovative companies like Planetarians who can upcycle former waste products into valuable food-system inputs."- Shawn Broderick

How does it taste?

We tested multiple applications for the last several years and today want to present you some vivid examples that upcycled ingredients are not only the means to fight food insecurity and climate change - but can make your diets healthier and tastier.

Pls. meet the first example - Energy bread that contains more protein than a slice of ham on it:

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“if you ever wanted to fight climate change - now you have a tool: Bread as a good source of plant based protein from upcycled ingredients that helps to fight climate change with every bite” - Aleh Manchuliantsau, PLANETARIANS founder

Our second example - flexitarian meatballs with the more protein, more fiber, and reduced cholesterol developed in collaboration with Amadori:

“Plant-based proteins not always should substitute animal ones, there are plenty applications where they can compensate each other delivering great taste combined with health benefits”- Anastasia Tkacheva, PLANETARIANS CTO and co-founder

And for the dessert - banana-cocoa-coffee cake made from a mix of by-products: defatted Sunflower seeds flour, over ripened (black) bananas, coffee grounds (dump left after your espresso) and cocoa:

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“The work Planetarians is doing with defatted seeds exemplifies what today's best impact-driven entrepreneurs can accomplish." - CEO at KitchenTown

Tasty?- I bet many of you can make it better.

And to help you do that - we united partners across the value chain to help YOU grow.

Get free samples of upcycled ingredients from our manufacturing partners

Mix your inspiration with the help from food tech accelerators

Get a chance to collaborate with leading brands

…and get your business funded

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The prizes are for real:

  • Free samples from Cereal Docks

  • Cooking class organized by Barilla and workshop course at CLEXTRAL Pilot Plant.

  • Prototyping at HERMANN'S Eatery and 3 days of R&D in KitchenTown's commercial kitchen in San Mateo, CA or Berlin, Germany.

  • One day's access to the University of Minnesota's Food Processing Center (Pilot Plant) and 40 hours of business development and scientific technical assistance from Agricultural Utilization Research Institute.

  • Mentorship from FOOD-X and TheFoodCons, Featuring on AgFunder News and Agrifood Conversations, Access to the new TFF Digital Labs, bespoke Level 2 program.

Don’t delay - request a free sample at and let’s make the world better!

If you succeed - we all succeed.

"I'm particularly excited about Planetarians and about this competition because it provides an avenue for creative people to start to think about the less sexy, but potentially higher impact, side of agrifoodtech. We have a tremendous need for intentional investment in agrifoodtech in order to meat the demands of the rising population in an increasingly volatile climate, and I think that competitions such as this are a fascinating mechanism to draw "outsiders" into a deeper examination of our food production and transport systems. Also, the pastry/food sci nerd in me is pretty excited to play around with Planetarians' flour in my kitchen."- Connie Bowen, Executive Director at The Yield Lab Institute

* * *

About the company: PLANETARIANS patent-pending technology upcycles by-products and solid food waste into high-protein high fiber ingredients. PLANETARIANS’ process was tested at the University of Minnesota, scalability tests resulted in investment from manufacturing partner Cereal Docks. 50% protein concentrate and 35% protein flour showcased at trade shows in 2018 resulted in pilot trials and the following investment from Barilla and Amadori, and won AgFunder Innovation Award 2019.

Aleh Manchuliantsau