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Now you can invest in PLANETARIANS and heal the world with the protein and fiber from defatted seeds. We are so proud to announce that we have been accepted by SeedInvest & now you can own a piece of the PLANETARIANS pie. SeedInvest only accepts 1% of startups and we passed the test. Check it out here:

Shifting consumer preferences toward healthier choices drive demand for plant-based proteins, which are growing at a CAGR of 6.7%. Rising prices for plant-based proteins force food manufacturers to identify opportunities to utilize nutrient-dense and sustainable ingredients for the products their consumers demand. That focus has created a robust marketplace for functional and other value-added ingredients.

PLANETARIANS’ patent-pending technology converts defatted seeds into a protein- and fiber-rich ingredient that’s ready to use in a wide range of products.


PLANETARIANS’ patent-pending technology adds value to overlooked ingredients like defatted sunflower seeds, converts them into a high-protein, high-fiber ingredient, and helps food manufacturers fortify a variety of food products with natural protein and fiber from seeds.

SunMeal - our ingredient from defatted sunflower seeds - has 35% protein, 18% fiber, and 1% Fat. It’s Non-GMO, allergen-free unlike soy, and 5x cheaper than pea protein.

Replacing 30% of the all-purpose flour in a recipe with SunMeal doubles the protein and fiber content, while keeping the price the same. Replacing 50% of the all-purpose flour with SunMeal triples the protein and fiber content.

SunMeal creates an opportunity for manufacturers to fortify food products and increase their nutritional content at a fraction of the cost of competing ingredients. For example, chips from defatted sunflower seeds offer 3x more protein, 2x more fiber and 3x less fat per serving than typical potato chips, and have a lower price compared to soy-fortified protein chips.

With technology tested at University of Minnesota, nutrition facts certified by General Mills Lab, and patent applications filed for the new ingredient, our market tests showed traction with a 69% average monthly growth rate.

7 reasons to support us:

Improve poor diets:

  • 1 out of every 4 adults in the U.S. is obese
  • 1 out of every 3 adults in the U.S. is at risk for diabetes
  • 1 of out every 2 adults in the U.S. is at risk for heart disease

Right a wrong in agriculture:

  • Animal agriculture occupies 80% of our farmland, but only yields 20% of our calories!
  • Defatted seeds are fed to animals, but they have more protein (35%) by weight than beef has (26%)!

Join a cool team of game changers:

  • Brad Feld, Lisa Gansky,  David Larrabee and Techstars
  • Mattson, University of Minnesota, UC Davis    

How to Invest    

Recent deals in FoodTech (Tate & Lyle and Chickpea based Nutriati, Kellogg's and Moringa based Kuli Kuli, Cargill and pea-based Puris) show that plant-based ingredients are very "hot".

The great thing about SeedInvest is that now anyone can invest in PLANETARIANS! And we think the Investor Perks are pretty exciting, for those who want to invest more.

To invest & read more of our campaign, head over to our Seedinvest page:

Aleh Manchuliantsau