Snacks Against Obesity. Part 3: How Plant Protein Defeats Obesity

High-protein foods move more slowly, prevents the sharp blood sugar dips (and accompanying hunger), while body uses more calories to digest protein. Get any 3 high fiber snacks from a list below and feel significantly better already for the next day.

Protein is built from building blocks called amino acids. Our bodies make amino acids in two different ways: from scratch, or by modifying others. A few amino acids (known as the essential amino acids) must come from food. 

Animal sources of protein tend to deliver all the amino acids we need. Plant protein sources may lack one or more essential amino acids, that means you need to eat a variety of protein-containing foods.

How Does the Plant Protein Defeat Obesity?

First, why protein? 

  • High-protein foods move more slowly from the stomach to the intestine. Slower stomach emptying means you feel full for longer and get hungrier later.
  • Protein’s gentle, steady effect on blood sugar prevents the sharp blood sugar dips (and accompanying hunger) that often occur after eating rapidly digested carbohydrate, like white bread or baked potato.
  • The body uses more calories to digest protein than it does to digest fat or carbohydrate.

Second, why plant protein?

Some high-protein foods are healthier than others because of what comes along with the protein: healthy fats or harmful ones, beneficial fiber or hidden salt.

  • For example, a 6-ounce broiled porterhouse steak is a great source of protein—about 40 grams worth. But it also delivers about 12 grams of saturated fat. For someone who eats a 2,000 calorie per day diet, that’s more than 60 percent of the recommended daily intake for saturated fat.
  • A 6-ounce ham steak has only about 2.5 grams of saturated fat, but it’s loaded with sodium—2,000 milligrams worth, or about 500 milligrams more than the daily sodium max.
  • Alternatively, plant proteins come with antioxidants, fiber, minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals, and have virtually no saturated fat or sodium, cholesterol, added hormones and antibiotics.

Third, how plant protein reflects on weight management?

  • Researchers at Harvard School of Public Health followed the diet and lifestyle habits of 120,000 men and women for up to 20 years and found that plant protein may also help with weight control.
  • Those who ate more red and processed meat over the course of the study gained more weight, about one extra pound every four years, while those who ate more nuts over the course of the study gained less weight, about a half pound less every four years.
How Plant Protein Helps Microbiome (our 2nd immune system) - to fight diet related diseases

How Plant Protein Helps Microbiome (our 2nd immune system) - to fight diet related diseases


How much plant protein do you need?

The FDA recommended daily allowance of protein is 46 grams per day for women over 19 years of age, and 56 grams per day for men over 19 years of age.

Most Americans get 88 g of protein per day that is more than enough protein in their diets.

However, the majority, 70 percent, comes from animal sources. Swap the ratio.

Fiber and Protein in Top 20 Most Purchased Snacks

Ok, now that we understand what nutrients we need, let’s see, what snacks are the best for that?

PLANETARIANS Chief Mixologist, Anastasia Tkacheva helped me to make the table with protein and fiber content in the most popular snacks today. Which one has more protein? Which one has more fiber? Which one has both? 

SnackFiber (g) Per 100gProtein (g) Per 100g
KIND Bar17.515
Rhythm Kale Chips14.321.4
Skinny Pop10.77.1
Clif Bar5.914.7
Chex Mix3.99
Reese’s Peanut Batter Cups3.610
Ben & Jerry’s24
Kit Kat17
KRAVE beef Jerky028.6

Source: USDA National Nutrient Database, PLANETARIANS. Download table as PDF.

Want to test?- Challenge yourself!

1. Choose any 3 snacks.

2. Make sure that it totals:

  • 25g (for female), 38g (for male) of fiber
  • 46g (for female), 56g (for male) of plant protein
  • 100-250 calories per snack

3. Have these 3 snacks between meals within a day (meals do not matter).

4. Let us know in comments to this post if you feel better the next day.

Then you may want to support PLANETARIANS efforts to make the ultimate snack against obesity: More fiber than any veggies, more protein than any meat!

Aleh Manchuliantsau