Snacks Against Obesity. Part 1: Snacks and physical activity

High Fiber makes you full without overeating. Plant protein improves your health. Get any 3 high fiber snacks from a list below and feel significantly better already for the next day.
Aleh Manchuliantsau

Hello, I’m Aleh, 40 y.o. father of 3 boys (10, 12 and 15 y.o.)

Looking at my kids, I see that they have less play-time outdoors than I did at their age. 

Kids spend most of their time playing at smartphones, ipads, laptops and snacking. Snacking all the time…

New research from the University of Adelaide shows that Generation X is already on the path to becoming more obese than their baby boomer predecessors (Source).

New research from the University of Adelaide shows that Generation X is already on the path to becoming more obese than their baby boomer predecessors (Source).


With the age, I have become less active too.

I hike instead of biking across the hills. I visit sauna instead of the gym.

And why should I hide it, I eat snacks too! No wonder that my body gained some extra pounds….

Recent studies about microbiome say that fiber and plant protein may help with weight loss, but when given the choice between sweets and apples - my kids choose sweets. And at dinner, I prefer chips to my steak rather than salad. It’s our human nature, not our blame, but extra weight is our personal pain. 

I don’t want to become fat!


Are we doomed to swim with fat, or is there a chance?

Before I begin - let me confess - I’m not forcing everyone to eat broccoli. I’m against diet. It’s against humanity. 

I believe in progress with simple things, - that make our lives easier.

And since we love snacks - I think we’d better find the way to get these fiber and plant protein in our snacks. 

I made a table of the richest in protein and fiber snacks, choose the one you love!


Fiber and Protein in Top 20 Most Purchased Snacks

PLANETARIANS Chief Mixologist, Anastasia Tkacheva helped me to make the table with protein and fiber content in the most popular snacks today. Which one has more protein? Which one has more fiber? Which one has both? 

SnackFiber (g) Per 100gProtein (g) Per 100g
KIND Bar17.515
Rhythm Kale Chips14.321.4
Skinny Pop10.77.1
Clif Bar5.914.7
Chex Mix3.99
Reese’s Peanut Batter Cups3.610
Ben & Jerry’s24
Kit Kat17
KRAVE beef Jerky028.6

Source: USDA National Nutrient Database, PLANETARIANS. Download table as PDF.

Want to test?- Challenge yourself!

1. Choose any 3 snacks.

2. Make sure that it totals:

  • 25g (for female), 38g (for male) of fiber
  • 46g (for female), 56g (for male) of plant protein
  • 100-250 calories per snack

3. Have these 3 snacks between meals within a day (meals do not matter).

4. Let us know in comments to this post if you feel better the next day.

Then you may want to support PLANETARIANS efforts to make the ultimate snack against obesity: More fiber than any veggies, more protein than any meat!

Aleh Manchuliantsau