How to Decode a Variety Pack

Congratulations, you keep in your hands a variety pack from our first run! We need your help to tell us which flavor is the best. Pls. look at the colored stickers on the lids and review the flavors on Amazon product page:

Mon (Blue) - Buttery Zesty Ranch

A rich creamy and herbs flavor with light butter hint.

Tue (Yellow) - Sour Cream and Onion

Good combination of sour cream and onion could be your favorite flavor.

Thu (Brown) - BBQ

A Smokehouse BBQ. Sweet, smoke and delicious.

Fri (Green) - Chili Lime

Moderately hot and slightly sour, this deep flavor is for true gourmets.

Sat - Buttery Nacho

Cheese and butter flavor a right choice for kids. No pepper, no sour. Just natural and tasty.

Sun (Black) - Salted

A classic flavor which is excellent for any dip or sauces you wish! It’s also great as it is. 

Aleh Manchuliantsau