#OrganicVitamins from #RecycledFood

Skins of fruits and vegetables have times more nutrients than flesh. But who likes these peels?- Let's make chips from peels using extrusion technology!

#OrganicVitamins from #RecycledFood

Extrusion and steam explosion technology that we use - kill all possible contamination with heat and pressure, and make available for human consumption many nutrients such as protein and vitamins at the fraction of the cost.

Extruder how it works.png

Combining different ingredients, such as peels, pulp, coffee dump with potato starch and rice flour you can make yummy chips, puffs, as well puree and jams.

What about nutritive value of the product?

It's controversial. From one side we loose some water-soluble vitamins (B, C), while we make fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E) to be more bioavailable. Minerals stay the same. But given the fact you get all these nutrients for free (let me remind you, that you wasted it previously), anything is greater than 0 is a surplus.

We bring the extruder to Food Startup Weekend in Boulder, November 17-19 and make it available for everyone, who has the courage to bring your ingredients and develop your own recipes.


Multifunction Puffing Food Extruder assembly:
Power:4-5.5kw Motor or 6HP Diesel
Motor Rotate Speed Required:1400r/m
Machine Rotate Speed:440-500r/m
Motor Wheel Diameter:90-100mm
Capacity:about 20kg/h
Raw Material:Wheat Flour, Rice and Corn + inclusions of any peel
7 Molds:1Hopper, 2Pairs Screw, 2Gears, 1Wheel, 1Cutter



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Aleh Manchuliantsau