By using 100% of plants, PLANETARIANS are making meals wholesome, feeding a growing population and all around planet friendly.

planetarians meaning

Do you know, that >50% of grown plants are not used?

Do you know, that some discarded plants have more protein than beef?

By using 100% of plants, we are making meals wholesome, feeding a growing population and all around planet friendly.

That’s why we make our snacks from discarded parts of plants. For you, that mean’s 3x more plant protein, 2x more fiber and 70% less fat than typical potato chips. 

Prevent diet related diseases, caused by refined foods,
Choose Win-Win for People and Planet,
Every time you snack ;)



Will using 100% plants reduce the human impact on the environment?

Let’s admit; we need a strategy how to reduce environmental footprint globally. Soon we will not have enough land for growing more food for growing population. 

In the meantime, we disregard many parts of already the grown plants.

For instance, Sunflower meal left after oil extraction from seeds used as an animal feed today. Isn’t it ridiculous to feed 35% protein meal to get 26% protein beef?

We believe that the best strategy to reduce human impact on the environment is to avoid wastage of food.

Instead of preaching “how to save food” - we need new innovative ways to prevent food waste. 

Did you ever think how big the food production waste?


Will using 100% plants  make our meals wholesome?

Look at the difference between White Rice Flour and Organic Brown Rice Flour. Do you see the massive difference between the flours?

That’s because the refining process removes the outer coat from grains, seeds, vegetables. That's why refined foods are low in nutrients. 

The typical rice grain has 20% hull (or husk), and 10% bran layers. According to FAO, the theoretical milling yield of polished grain should be 70%, but in practice, it's lower. 

- 30% loss 

Where are the nutrients that food industry stripped from our foods?

Maybe we’d better use these nutrients to make our meals wholesome?


Can we feed the growing population by using 100% of plants instead of growing more food?

How will we feed the growing population? What are the ways? Is GMO the only solution?

The current world population of 7.6 billion is expected to reach 8.6 billion in 2030 and 9.8 billion in 2050, according to a new United Nations report released in 2017.

+ 30% growth

Don’t you think we have solution right in front of our eyes?